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Specialised massage during pregnancy can be very beneficial, relieving the discomfort of backache, aching hips and swollen ankles, feet and hands, due to fluid retention.  Equally importantly, massage relaxes the whole body and gives a feeling of well-being, leading to a more serene pregnancy.  Louise Oliver, DipHE Nursing, MCThA, who is based in Preston, Lancashire,  is a qualified nurse, holistic therapist, pedicurist and has trained in pregnancy massage on the Childbirth Essentials programme, devised and run by renowned midwives Anne Haines and Linda Kimber, so you can feel confident of the best care for both your baby and yourself.  Louise also offers massage therapy suited to postnatal mums - treatments to gently relax you and help you return to full mobility, as well as a range of pedicures and foot therapies.

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